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Stick-On Nipple Pads 乳贴

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一包 2片 ; One pack 2 pieces

搭配小背心的神器!店主亲测过了 已经用了一段时间 才带进来给你们的


可以重复使用 用完拆下后用温水加些肥皂轻轻洗干净即可 风干后收纳可以再次使用

搭配小背心不再担心露内衣肩带 / 内衣往下滑~


Silicone Nipple Pads

Easy to use / Reusable / Does not fall off / Washable / Invisible

After use, gently wash with warm water and soap, air dry and store.

Useful to pair with sleeveless or cropped tops